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Record video in super-slow or super-fast motion


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SloPro is a video recording tool to create clips of any length and apply different speeds to them, including hyper-slow, very slow, slow, fast, very fast, and hyper-fast. There are no limits when you're editing and you have total freedom in creating your own montages.

To use this app you have to choose a video from your gallery or record directly from the SloPro interface. In both cases, a variety of editing options will then appear so you can apply any speed to different sections of the video.

The editing toolbar includes four tools to mark where the video will begin and end, and also add or subtract the velocity applied to the clip. If you're not sure which speed would be best, you can choose one and later modify it as needed.

When you're done working and have the desired result, you can export the file to your video gallery so you can later share it on social networks or send it to your friends.
By Álvaro Toledo

Watermark appears on the exported file.